Month: December 2016

Success at Textile Designer Career Masterclass at Bolton University

The British Interiors and Textiles Association (BITA) presenters, Diane Harding and Chris Hodgson deliver an inspiring educational masterclass to Textiles and Surface Design students from Bolton University School of The Arts.


Aiming to advise the next generation of textile designers on how to stand out from the crowd in the Textile Design Industry; the event on Friday 2nd December, offered invaluable advice on the importance of work experience, what makes a great portfolios & CV’s and how to prepare for career interviews.


With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Diane Harding (Marketing Director of BITA and Managing Director of Norfolk House Consultants) gave insight into her career highlights including how she built her own business, winning several awards on the way, including COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE’S – ‘ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR’ in 1994.


“Educating new designers on the process needed to get the job of their dreams, is something I feel very passionately about. In the same position myself all those years ago, I really wanted to impart my industry knowledge and experience gained onto the next generation of skilled and ambitious designers.”  Diane Harding


Joined by Chris Hodgson (Director Hodgson Design and Colour Ltd), Chris also gave an honest insight into what it takes to become an international designer and colourist and how to build your reputation for working with high profile furnishing and design companies, including Prestigious Textiles.


“I was delighted to share my experiences as a Design & Colour Consultant with such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of students and tutors. The mock interview scenario must have been a super insight into the cold reality of the search for that career in the design industry – something I hope has helped students prepare for the next step in their career journey.” Chris Hodgson

Co-organised by Donna Claypool (Programme Leader, Textiles and Surface Design at Bolton School of Arts) the event allowed students to gain feedback on their current trend mood boards and portfolios – many of which were of a very high standard.


‘The event was a huge success, and enabled students to hear about important aspects of the design industry from key speakers with experience. The live interview element also broke down the ‘mystery’ of what happens at an interview and how students can best prepare their portfolios and understand what types of questions are asked. We shall certainly be inviting BITA to another session in the near future.’ Donna Claypool


The event was received well by students with comments such as:


‘The event definitely put things into context for me.’


‘A fantastic session – especially the interview!!’


‘The session was really amazing and so informative. I’ve learned so much and feel more inspired – it was great’

Chris Hodgson equally enjoyed the day:


“I was impressed with the facilities available for the students and felt that I was amongst students that spoke the same “textile” language as myself. Being amongst an ambitious bunch of creatives for the day, all in all I had a brilliant day!” Chris Hodgson


With Bolton University being the first of a series of Textile Designers Masterclasses, BITA continues to organise bespoke educational events with other UK Universities and Colleges in 2017.

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