Fashion Textile & Children’s Trust …….. and how you can support them!

The FTCT is a charity that has supported the children of the UK fashion and textile families since 1853.  Maybe you or your company would be interested in supporting them? 

Read on and find out how…..

Where it all began…..

The charity was founded back in 1853 when the cotton weaving industry was thriving. A group of textile merchants formed a financial trust fund, to support the children and widow of a former colleague.

The trust grew in size and funds to help more children of those working in the allied textile trades.

To this day, the FTCT is here for anyone in the textile industry who needs help.


 Textile Recycling Association and Clothes Aid

The importance to recycling at every level is at the fore right now and the FTCT has been working with the Textile Recycling Association since 2020. Through the promotion of their grants to member companies, they have already supported families in the sector, including a family at Clothes Aid.

Promote the FTCT at work!

Spreading the word of what the FTCT is something you can help with.  Here’s how you can get started.

From bake sales to fun runs, fundraising for FTCT is a great way to introduce staff to the charity and the support the grants can give families.  Or you can donate directly via the website.

So, who can apply for a grant?

To apply for an FTCT grant perhaps if you have faced redundancy or the such like (a grant is a financial donation which does not have to be repaid), one parent must work OR have recently worked in the UK fashion and textile industry, for at least one year within the last nine years. Find out more about the criteria on the website.

Perhaps a member of your staff is in need or maybe you would like to refer a family in need?

How else & who do the FTCT help?

  • They can provide grants for essential items such as a proper bed to sleep in.
  • Rehousing grants for families who need help with set up costs.
  • Grants for when a parent is unwell, maybe a long term physical or mental health condition.
  • Kinship care grants for families who are raising children of relatives or friends.
  • Therapy grants to provide funding for children with additional learning, emotional or health needs.
  • Specialist equipment grants for children with complex health needs and conditions.

Interesting Facts

  • Between 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 the FTCT supported 1049 children!
  • Between 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021 the FTCT awarded more than £500,000 in financial grants to the children of the UK fashion and textile employees.
  • The average grant to fund essential household and children’s clothing is £473.

The FTCT have several corporate partners across the industry who work with them and support them in a variety of ways, which you can read about below. This ranges from sponsorship to fundraising and advocacy.

BITA (British Interiors & Textile Association) has been a proud supporter of the FTCT for many years.  Check out for more information.

They’re already making a big impact to hundreds of children in families across the industry. With your help, they could do so much more.

It’s really easy to fundraise for the charity, whether as part of a team or individually. Set up your FTCT fundraiser today by contacting Anna or calling 0203 667 7882 to discuss larger donations or sponsorship opportunities.