Recruitment & Sales Administration Assistant

Kickstarter Job vacancy title – Recruitment & Sales Administration Assistant
Company name – Maison Furnishings Ltd T/A Norfolk House
Company postcode – MK12 5TW
This is a 6 months post for 25 hrs a week – minimum wage and you can only apply for it via your local job centre if you are currently unemployed – talk to your job centre about whether you are eligible or not.
Office Environment
Clean and bright – plenty of daylight – ground floor office – 4 of us maximum at any one time, your own desk and pc.
Shared meeting room, kitchen and toilets.
Free parking immediately outside the office.
Dress code – casual – jeans acceptable but not scruffy.
Friendly relaxed – but busy environment with the radio playing in the background.
Recruitment Administration
1. You will be assisting the director in logging (excel database input) and filing all information related to potential candidates for design and sales positions in the interior textiles industry.
2. You will keep all information up to date – which includes emailing and phoning potential candidates for accurate updates.
Sales Administration
3. You will be assisting the director in logging (excel database input) and filing all information related to current and new customers for International mill interior textiles.
4. You will be phoning and emailing customers to arrange meetings for the director.
5. You will be updating price lists and labelling fabric samples – helping the director prepare for her sales trips.
6. You will work as part of a team to keep the office, meeting room, kitchen and toilet clean and tidy as we do not employ a cleaner (1 hour a week maximum).
7. You will be trained to cover team members who are off sick or on holiday – with tasks such as marketing, general administration and basic accounts.
You will be working from our office at 21 Walker Avenue, Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes MK12 5TW – this is not a work from home role. Your days of work are flexible (you can choose the days and hours per day you will work between Monday – Friday and they can be different each week – or the same – if agreeable with the Director) but you will be working 25hrs a week.
For more information about the company – see our websites &
Skills & Attributes required:
1. Enthusiastic about recruitment and/or sales & textile samples administration (you are not selling anything – you are just booking meetings and logging information – and helping the director prepare for meetings).
2. Basic knowledge of Excel – you are only inputting information – not creating formulas.
3. Excellent communicator – confident with the telephone.
4. Good English skills – written and verbal – you will be talking to potential candidates for our recruitment service as well as customers for our interior textiles. NB You do not need to know anything about recruitment or interior textiles – we will train you on everything.
5. A willingness to learn combined with a positive attitude.
6. Physically capable of lifting a 20kg suitcase (you will occasionally be asked to lift suitcases of fabric samples in and out of the directors car) NB they are on wheels.
We are looking for someone who is keen to help us grow the business so that we can justify employing them after the 6 months kickstarter scheme has finished.
Hours per week
This should be a minimum of 25 hours per week on average each month.
Only enter whole hours (for example, do not put 25.5)
Working pattern
For example, 9am to 1pm, Monday to Thursday.
Include any shift patterns.
Flexible – whatever suits the candidate & the Directors between Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm for example they might prefer to work 5hrs x 5 days or 3 long days. As long as a manager is available to be with them for training and guidance it will be ok for the candidate to come into the office.
Hourly rate of pay
£ per hour or ‘national minimum wage’
See for further information on the National Minimum Wage.
The Directors – Diane Harding or David King will be providing the day to day support and training.
1. We will train them on how to make telephone calls and accept telephone calls.
2. We will train them on how to write emails and how to file emails in the correct folders.
3. We will give them priorities each day so they know what to focus on.
4. We will train them on all aspects of their own role as well as the roles they may have to cover during other team members holidays and sickness.
5. They will learn how to create labels & how to add information to excel databases.
6. They will learn how to file paperwork and computer files.
7. They will learn about interior textiles.
8. They will have a quarterly review so they can see how they have progressed very clearly – with goals given for the next 3 months.
9. If they are not staying with us after the 6 months kickstart programme has finished – we will help them with the preparation of their cv and give them advice on interview techniques.
Contact your local job centre to apply but if you are having difficulty in doing that you can email and we will help you apply through the job centre.