Marketing Manager – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


This job includes your accommodation on a compound with pool and gym all paid for (shared house with other British employees’ private bedroom). You will fly back to the UK every 3 months for 1-week unpaid holiday (flights paid for by the company) on top of 15 days paid holiday of your choice. You will receive all Jeddah national holidays too.



THE COMPANY: One of the largest furnishing fabric brands in the World. Covering all price points from low to high.

MAIN ROLE: To improve the identity and image of the company in every way possible as well as maximising the visual promotion of all brands to all customers Worldwide – but particularly in the Middle East.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES and percentage of time spent on them:

1 Market Research – understand what our competitors are doing – understand what our customers need and understand what would encourage them to buy more from us. Communicate that to management. 10%

2 Website design and development – working with a website design company if necessary. 10%

3 Develop all printed literature including logo, letterheads, brochures, promotional folders etc. working with a graphic designer. 10%

4 To improve the appearance of our showrooms. 10%

5 To review our brands and make the most of each one i.e. makes each have their own identity from price point to style etc. 10%

6 To update the appearance / style of our books and hangers with new book cloths and handles and print etc. Give the collections better names and write up excellent descriptive text and stories about each collection. 10%

7 To update and improve our photography / photoshop for use in the books as well as advertising and promotion and printed leaflets / brochures. 5%

8 To create merchandising units for our books and hangers and displays. 10%

9 Improve our social media coverage and quality. 5%

10 Improve our advertising. 5%

11 Find new ways to maximise the promotion of our brands and collections to the right direct customers as well as consumers. 5%

12 Create and manage new launch events – to invite top and potential customers to. 10%

TOTAL 100%


1 Market Research: Visit customers in different countries and cities. Ask the relevant questions and maybe send an email survey.

2 Website: Find the right company to work with to develop and improve the design and performance. Once prices agreed – Work closely with them to develop it to the right standard. Write up improved English descriptions / text.

3 Logo and Printed Literature: Find the right company to work with to develop everything printed including updating our logos, letterheads, business cards etc. Create information folders, leaflets and brochures. Write up interesting text / descriptions / stories for each collection.

4 Showrooms – visit them and plan how we can improve them to maximise the space – to show off our ranges to their best. Particularly new collections – show off new trends. Maybe mini room sets created by the best interior designers in the city. Work with our visual merchandiser to create beautiful displays.

5 Branding – review each brand – decide which brand should be for which type of product and price point. At the moment our brands are confusing covering everything low priced to high priced – that needs to change. Market each brand separately – clearly showing the brand is part of our group.

6 Books and Hangers – source the best book cloths and handles. Change the print / foil stamp / text. Source suppliers of the relevant materials. Give the collections better names and write up excellent descriptive text and stories about each collection.

7 Photography and Photoshop – working with your graphic / photoshop designer improve the images and layout of the printed pages in our books as well as those used in promotional literature / show cards etc.

8 Merchandising Units – design and develop display units for our books and hangers and displays to maximise the sales from our collections in the best retailers / showrooms. Work with the stand manufacturers to get the best price.

9 Social Media – working with your social media assistant – improve and increase our activity on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc – maximise our presence and promotion.

10 Advertising – improve any advertising currently done and from market research suggest new ways and places to advertise.

11 New Promotion: from market research – Middle East and UK find new ways to promote our brands – new ways to improve our identity.

12 Events – create and manage events to launch new collections. We will invite top customers and potential customers.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: £25,000.00 to £35,000.00 /year

Interested? If Diane Harding has not interviewed you before please email  your CV with pics of your best work including design co-ordinates and colourways asap! Thank you.