Textile / Surface Pattern Designer Wanted – Mumbai India


We have a client based in Mumbai, India – one of the Top Furnishing Fabric Mills in the World supplying all the major brands in the UK – who is offering one new graduate or experienced UK designer the opportunity of an 18-month contract to work in the Design Studio at their mill as soon as India is open again (to start with you will work freelance from the UK until visas are achievable) – this can be extended as many designers do – if you like the work and they like you.

Over the last 15 years we have sent many textile designers to India – so you can talk to them about their experiences before you decide to take the job.  Many of them have returned to the UK and with this experience on their CV and have found excellent design jobs within the industry – for example with Romo, Prestigious, Ashley Wilde & Harlequin.

All that is required is that you have a degree in Surface Pattern, Weave, Embroidery or Print design with excellent drawing skills and ideally at least 1 year’s industry work experience.

The shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by our client soon and the successful candidate will travel out to India with another designer already employed to join the other designers who are already working with the mill at a time that is convenient for all parties.

 Some more info:

  • The mill produces approx. 1 million metres per month.
  • 200,000m embroidered fabrics
  • 450k jacquard fabrics
  • Balance plains / dobbys / textures / digital prints
  • They currently have a team of 21 designers (15 of which speak excellent English)
  • They use the AVA CAD SYSTEM – 17 design computers
  • They are happy for you to use photoshop or illustrator
  • You will be working on design, colour and customer projects.
  • The company will arrange and pay for all your travelling expenses including the return flights along with the Visa and Insurance.
  • You will have the companionship of another UK designer who will travel with you.
  • You will stay in a high-quality 4 bedroom apartment with dining, kitchen, lounge facilities with 3 other UK & Indian designers. You will have your own bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.  This is all paid for by the company.
  • As a new graduate with little or no experience you will also be paid £650 per monthIn addition to your accommodation being paid for. NB Until you get your visa you will work from home as a freelancer from the UK on minimum wage.
  • As an experienced designer – you will be also be paid up to £850 per month in addition to your accommodation being paid for. NB Until you get your visa you will work from home as a freelancer from the UK on up to £2000 per month dependent on hours worked and your experience.
  • Keep in mind that the cost of living in India is much lower than in the UK so your salary will give you a very comfortable living in India.
  • In Mumbai you will work 6 days a week Monday – Saturday (10am – 7pm with one-hour break) ** sometimes when leading up to an exhibition you will be expected to work late into the evening to hit deadlines.
  • You will receive the 3rd Saturday off every month as holiday as well as any Indian religious holidays.
  • In addition you will receive 20 days paid holiday a year.
  • The company will pay for 2 additional return flights to the UK – so you can spend your holidays in the UK if you wish.
  • There will be a 3-month probation period – where if they are not satisfied with your performance, they can end the contract and fly you home.

Interested?  If Diane has not interviewed, you before please email me your CV with pics of your best work including drawings and paintings (especially florals) asap!  Thank you. 

If you have already been interviewed by Diane – please state this on your application.


Diane Harding Tel 07912 379739 or email: diane.harding@norfolkhouse-uk.com